Brief overview
Develop a future scenario for Nike, in alignment with their current efforts towards sustainability and move towards zero.

Design strategy
Environmental Karma Initiative, Nike. or EKIN, is an initiative designed to be implemented by Nike that incorporates the utmost standards of sustainability into their brand. The strategy; to create a community where Nike’s trademark retail service is offered alongside an experience that facilitates an immersive educational journey for consumers around sustainability and environmental consciousness. EKIN takes the word Nike and flips it, putting the E first. E for environment, E for earth. An EKIN+ app will allow users to sign up to learn more about sustainable practices, receive free product and exclusive offers. This will incentivize customers to shop with Nike and engage in more environmentally-friendly practices. Similar to Nike Training Club (NTC), EKIN+ will educate members with tutorials by environmental activists on incorporating sustainable practices into their everyday lives.

3D Design
Branding and Identity
Graphic Design

︎︎︎ Project collaboration with Samuel John Bourke