Brief overview
The ISTD student assessment scheme is a typographic based project of research, strategy, design development, and production specification, assessed by teams of practising designers and educators. Students are to choose a brief which is one word, interpreting it how they please.

Design strategy
I chose to respond to the ‘Multipolar’ brief based on Victoria’s controversial, Lawyer X scandal to examine a range of opposing views on whether Nicola Gobbo made the ‘right’ decision to inform on her gangland clients. The artefact is structured in the form of a jury trial. As you learn the intricate details of this story, you will be presented with the media’s (prosecution) version of events on the left-hand side of the page, compared to Nicola Gobbo’s (defence) version of events on the right. You as the reader are the jury. The typographic approach within this artefact draws out multipolarity through its justification of type and individual word distortion, tailored to the mood of the phrase. As the story begins with the opening statements from the defence and prosecution, both sides of the page are equal. Then, as the story unravels, so does the typography. 3D images were also created, to reflect evidence photos of recreated crime scenes in the story.

Branding and Identity